Wearin' off the Fuzzies

lola got her new metzler on the back yesterday morning. was preparing stuff for potluck dinner last night, so i only got in about 50 miles. today i ran up the Delta (ok, on 680, not 4) to Cordelia, and something said, "Futher" so we went to Fairfield, on way back home on hwy 12. 12 is fun, but it's two lanes with a lot of blind curves and cagers and bikers out to break land-speed records. yes, it has a lot of fatalities. i decided to fuel up before setting down that stretch, and pulled off in downtown Fairfield, not to be confused with the Freeway Pitstop called Fairfield. Fairfield is tiny, with narrow one way streets (SUV's park on the right, narrow lane for carriages, horses, cars and bikes on the left) old victorians, big trees, beautfiul in a very old-timey california way. folks settin' out on their porches sippin lemonade, this bein' a hot day. No gass stations. none. zip. at a corner i asked a nice old man where i could find such a thing. he directed me back to 12, next exit, "probly the cheapest gas in California". then asked if was heading to Rio Vista (via 12). i said yes, he said, "you be careful." and i had the wierdest feeling that sound had stopped. i looked at him, he looked at me, the wind started up again blowin his white hair and i heard that little voice loud and clear. i said, thank you, maybe i'll just go back home on the 680. he nodded. i took 680 back... made it home fine and dandy, ya never know how stuff woulda gone if you'd travelled the other road, do ya? all totaled, about 120miles, tire still looks and smells new. picture from "Up the delta" (Sacramento river delta), that's mt. diablo in the distance, across sacto river. i live on the left hand side of mt diablo:

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