hey barkeep,

gimme a call tomorrow (tuesday, or wednesday) if ya feel like, i'm home, 925-680-0347, i'm home
due to a roll down the road, thank god (and you and Just Leather)

 for first class leathers. bike will be ok eventually, I asked

 joe  to ride her to the honda dealership for an appraisal. Don't have the official
word yet, but it looks like bent triple tree (hopefully not forks), busted clutch lever assembly
(snapped the mirror), scraped engine bar (they work!)
and toasted saddlebag. then he made
me go to the ER. no real damage, nuthin broken, hurts but not like wotchu got. deep
bruises ( x-rays, more drugs, geez they love to give me drugs, doc offered morphine, i declined).
falldown was my fault(emergency brake, went to space to our right
and hit slick paint stripe. fuckin' oops.
What I did wrong: too much front brake, too fast.
What I did right: knew where the hole in traffic was.
you'll relate: i stopped rolling down trafficky road watching  my baby hit the curb (on her left side, tires first) i was
up and running to shut her off before i realized i was hurtin. ok, i knew i was, but it din't matter.) 2
(harley, thank you lord for bikers)  riders stopped and we got her up on curb. i walked, she was
(marginally) ridable. while waitin for joe i got on and started her up, both fer her and me. and refrained from barfin, not easy.
so anywayz, i'm down for a shorter count than yrz, but down. call if ya wanna comiserate.

As ever,